4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9
  • 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-94-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9

4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9

4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9 can be used as raw materials for facial cleanser, shampoo foam bath, dishwashing detergent, hand sanitizer, etc

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Product Description

Shandong Believe Chemical Pte. Ltd. 4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9 Surfactant MES, chemical name is sodium fatty acid methyl ester sulfonate. 

The common products are sodium stearate methyl ester sulfonate, sodium laurate methyl ester sulfonate, sodium crotonate methyl ester sulfonate, and sodium palmitate methyl ester sulfonate. 

The preparation method of sodium stearate methyl ester sulfonate is introduced as an example. 

The preparation process of this product includes the preparation of methyl stearate, sulfonation and neutralization of methyl stearate. 

Put lard into the reaction kettle and add methanol in the molar ratio of 1:2. 

After heating and dissolving under stirring, add 0.3% sulfuric acid as the catalyst. After heating and refluxing for 6-7h, the transesterification chemicalbook reaction was completed.

 Transfer the material to the distillation tower, distill out excess methanol, and then distill out glycerol under reduced pressure. 

The bottom of the kettle is methyl stearate, and then the methyl stearate is sent to the sulfonation kettle.

 Sulfur trioxide was used as sulfonating agent for sulfonation. The molar ratio of sulfur trioxide to methyl stearate is (1.2-1.25): 1. Dilute the sulfur trioxide to about 6% to ensure that the sulfur trioxide is fully absorbed.

 The reaction temperature was controlled at 70-90 ℃. After 4-6h of reaction, bleaching was carried out with 12% sodium hypochlorite.

 And finally neutralized with aqueous sodium hydroxide solution to a pH value of 8-8.5.

4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9

4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acidChemicalSpecification 


Product Name


4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid






Molecular Weight














White crystal powder



    Melting point

>300 °C(lit.)





The result conform with standard

4-Morpholineethanesulfonic acid CAS 4432-31-9


CAS: 4432-31-9

Molecular formula: C6H13NO4S

Molecular weight:195.24


Boiling point:102°C

Density:1.208 (estimate)

Storage conditions: 2-8°C

PH:2.5-4.0 (25℃ in neat)

Storage conditions:Store below +30°C.

Shelf life:2 years

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