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The first essence synthesized by man: vanillin


The first essence synthesized by man: vanillin

Vanillin was the first fragrance to be synthesized by humans, and was successfully synthesized by Dr. M. Hallmann and Dr. G. Theyman in Germany in 1874. It is usually divided into methyl vanillin and ethyl vanillin. 

Vanillin is commonly known as vanilla powder, vanillin, vanillin powder, vanillin powder, vanilla extract, vanillin, an important spice extracted from the ruticaceae plant vanilla bean, is one of the most productive varieties of synthetic spices, is the preparation of chocolate, ice cream, chewing gum, pastry and tobacco flavor important raw materials. It occurs naturally in vanilla pods, as well as clove oil, oak moss oil, balsam of Peru, balsam of Tolu, and balsam of Benzoin. 

Vanillin has a strong and unique vanillin aroma, which is stable and not volatile at higher temperatures. It is easily affected by light, gradually oxidized in the air, and easily discolored by alkali or alkaline substances. The aqueous solution reacts with ferric chloride to form a blue-purple solution. It can be used in many daily chemical flavor formulations, but is mainly used in food flavors. Especially in candy, chocolate, beverages, ice cream, alcohol is widely used in tobacco flavor is also very useful. IFRA has no restrictions. However, due to the easy discoloration, it should be noted when used in white flavored products. 

Vanillin is also an important edible spice, as a foundation spice, almost used in all flavors, a large number of used in the food industry, as a food flavor widely used in bread, cream, ice cream, brandy, etc., in pastries, cookies added amount is 0.01 ~ 0.04%, candy is 0.02 ~ 0.08%. It is one of the most used spices in baked goods and can be used in chocolate, cookies, cakes, puddings and ice cream. Dissolve in warm water before use for better results. The highest usage is 220mg/kg for baked goods and 970mg/kg for chocolate. It is widely used in cosmetics fragrances as fixing agent, coordinating agent and modulator. It is also an important flavor enhancer for beverages and foods. It is also used in the manufacture of medicine L-dopa (L-DOPA), methyldopa and so on. Can also be used as nickel, chromium metal plating brightener.

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