AMPS CAS 15214-89-8
  • AMPS CAS 15214-89-8AMPS CAS 15214-89-8
  • AMPS CAS 15214-89-8AMPS CAS 15214-89-8

AMPS CAS 15214-89-8

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Product Description

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AMPS CAS 15214-89-8 Chemical Specification 

 Product Name

2-Acrylamide-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid



 Molecular Weight










White or white crystalline solid






The result conform with standard

AMPS CAS 15214-89-8 Chemical Properties

Synonym: 1-Propanesulfonicacid,2-methyl-2-[(1-oxo-2-propenyl)amino]-;2-Acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propane;2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate;1-Propanesulfonicacid,2-methyl-2-[(1-oxo-2-propen-Chemicalbook1-yl)amino]-;2-ACRYLAMIDE-2-METHYLPROPANESULFONICACID;2-ACRYLAMIDO-2-METHYL-1-PROPANESULFONICACID;2-ACRYLAMIDO-2-METHYLPROPANESULFONICACID;2-ACRYLAMIDO-2-METHYLPROPANESULPHONICACID

CAS: 15214-89-8

Molecular formula: C7H13NO4S

Molecular weight: 207.25

EINECS: 239-268-0

Melting point: 195 ° C (Dec.) (lit.)
Density: 1.45
Vapor pressure: <0.0000004hpa (25 ° C)
Refractive index: 1.6370 (estimate)
Flash point: 160 ° C
Storage conditions: storebelow+30 ° C
Solubility: >500g/lsoluchemicalbookable
Acidity coefficient: (PKA) 1.67 ± 0.50 (predicted)
Form: solution
Color: white
Water solubility: 1500g/l (20 º C)
Sensitivity: hygroscopicbrn1946464
Stability: lightsensitive

AMPS CAS 15214-89-8 Chemical Application

2-acryloylamino-2-methyl-1-propane sulfonic acid (AMPS) has polymerizable vinyl and hydrophilic sulfonic groups in the molecule, and can be copolymerized with water-soluble monomers such as acrylonitrile and acrylamide, and non-aqueous chemicalbook monomers such as styrene and vinyl chloride. The hydrophilic sulfonic group is introduced into the polymer to make the fiber and film hygroscopic, permeable and conductive. It can be used in papermaking industry and wastewater treatment. As coating modifier, fiber modifier and medical polymer.

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