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The 89th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Fair


The 89th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Expo; API Exhibition

Accessories exhibition; Pharmaceutical Packaging Exhibition; The pharmaceutical equipment exhibition was recently successfully held in Nanjing, China. This event showcases the latest developments, products, and technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, including raw materials, intermediates, packaging, and equipment.

The exhibition has attracted a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors, who are eager to learn about the latest industry trends and innovations. Companies from multiple countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and Germany showcased their products and services. The World Expo provides them with the opportunity to showcase their products and services to international audiences.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the API and excipients exhibition, which showcases the latest progress in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. The exhibition also showcases a series of innovative packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The packaging solutions showcased at the exhibition focus on providing easy to use and safe packaging options for drugs.

The pharmaceutical equipment exhibition showcases new technologies and equipment to the industry. Exhibition of liquid processing, solid processing, and packaging equipment. The exhibition provides participants with a platform to explore new synergies between pharmaceutical equipment and raw materials.

The organizer of the expo stated that this exhibition is an excellent opportunity to promote technological innovation and trade cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry. Through this event, various industries can communicate with each other, learn from each other, and establish new partnerships.

The exhibition received positive responses from exhibitors and visitors. Many exhibitors expressed satisfaction with this event and the opportunities it provided. The various products and services displayed at the exhibition, as well as high-quality standards, left a deep impression on the attendees.

Overall, the 89th China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials/Intermediates/Packaging/Equipment Expo has achieved great success. It provides a platform for the pharmaceutical industry to showcase its latest developments, as well as a platform for exhibitors and visitors to participate in a wide range of activities. This event proves the commitment of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry to technological innovation and trade cooperation.

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