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  • White crystal or crystalline powder, no odor, with sweet taste. Soluble in water (16.5%, 25℃), insoluble in ether or acetone. The decomposition temperature is 297℃>, mp233℃, isoelectric point 5.79, pka-COOH=2.34, Pka-NH3=9.60, [α]25D+14.Chemicalbook6 (C=0.5~2.0g/ml, 5mol/LHCl). L-alanine is a non-essential amino acid in the human body, which is formed by transferring the amino group of glycine to pyruvic acid in vivo. In the glucose-alanine cycle, low blood ammonia levels are maintained. Alanine is an excellent transporter of nitrogen in the blood. It is also an effective glycogenic amino acid. Welcome to buy L-Alanine CAS 56-41-7 from us.

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