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Introduction of 2-Bromofluorobenzene

2-Bromofluorobenzene is a kind of organic matter, chemical formula is C6H4BrF, CAS registration number is 1072-85-1, mainly used in the preparation and synthesis of medicine, pesticides, liquid crystal material intermediates, synthesis of o-fluorobromobenzene is transparent colorless liquid processed by UIVCHEM technology.

Reaction bottle in turn into neighbouring fluoro aniline and hydrobromic acid mixing, heat release a large number of small purple solid precipitation, the highest temperature of 60 ℃, 5 minutes, stir ice salt bath - 10 ℃ below, add sodium nitrite solution drops and heat release process, material liquid gradually becoming orange clarification, drip off about 40 minutes, drip off heat for 10 minutes after joining carbamide, cold, Put cuprous bromide, hydrobromic acid, water and Chemicalbook oil bath into the reaction bottle with distillation device, heating up to 120 ~ 130℃, water steam, the internal temperature is about 105℃ when water steam steam out, began to drop heavy nitrogen salt, at this time there are a large number of bubbles, control the drop acceleration to maintain the distillation state, ensure that the generated o-fluorobromobenzene is quickly carried out by water steam. After about 50 minutes of dripping, steam for another 5 minutes to stop the distillation. Separate the oil layer, wash with saturated salt water, filter the oil layer to measure water 0.04%, get 2-Bromofluorobenzene.